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 Golden Halo

The dedication it takes to become a champion on the wrestling mat goes way further than the time spent during wrestling practice. That is why we have decided to challenge the Madison high school wrestlers to do something special during the off-season.
The reward is no high dollar contract or scholarship to a DI school but the fact that you will have accomplished something that very few will be able to do and a special headgear. This award will attempt to challenge you to work hard in the off-season and become ready to wrestle for MHS. The coaching staff has put together a series of tests for you to accomplish in order to earn this award.
As you pass each individual test (with a coach present), we will check that test off the sheet and you will be one step closer to the Golden Halo and the satisfaction of completing the Golden Halo Challenge. Below is the list of challenges that will be placed before you. You may attempt to pass these challenges as many times as necessary.
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 Bulldog Routine

60 push-ups in a minute
60 crunches in a minute
Bench Press your weight 5 times
Squat 1.5 times your weight 5 times
Run a mile in 6.5 minutes
     3 pull ups at the top
     3 pull ups at the bottom
25 dips
Hang for 90 seconds

 Bulldog Rope Routine

In any order without stopping or tripping up.
20 double jumps
20 cross overs
20 feet together
20 runing in place
20 carioca front
20 left leg
20 right leg